Managing the largest sports betting and trading markets in the world

Powerful Solutions

Our combination of proprietary betting models and industry-leading trading technology have positioned us as the premier trading solution provider to the world’s most discerning betting groups.

Bespoke Solutions

Our trading services are designed for organizations seeking to differentiate themselves from traditional off-the-shelf offerings.  NS90’s team can deliver a customized solution designed to maximize return against any desired user base, including winning customers.

The Biggest Bets

NS90’s trading team handles the biggest bets in the world. Our team works closely with some of the sharpest clients out there to deliver high-margin returns.

Globally Connected

Not only does our technology provide low latency access to global betting and trading markets but we also set up exclusive relationships with sophisticated local partners in key jurisdictions.  This ensures that our staff and customers are always plugged into the pulse of the market.