Fast, scalable, always available

World-class technology powering a worldwide industry

NS90 boasts an international team of specialists dedicated to the optimization of global betting markets through the use of cutting edge, scalable technologies.  Some of our favorites include Apache Kafka to drive high performance messaging and Redis to power in-memory distributed databases.  We provide our external consumers access to secure push messaging with RabbitMQ. A combination of Spring XD, Spring Integration, Mongo DB, and WebSockets power our enterprise applications.

A 360° View

From the design and development of high-frequency pricing systems to the management of customer-facing betting platforms, our staff has complete end-to-end visibility of the sports betting space. A shared understanding of the global business is key to our success as a betting technology company. That is why we proudly provide group-wide transparency across virtually all of our activities.

Our Technology Headquarters

Cork, Ireland

A small city with a big heart, Cork boasts a multicultural population of 120,000 as well as a lively and bustling local community. Its vibrant nightlife, sporting heritage and character makes Cork one of the world's finest cities to visit.

Our Values

Honesty and Transparency

Thanks to our employees and clients, we are a leader in our industry.  We owe this to a company based on transparency, trust, and complete support.


We believe the largest stumbling block to innovation is fear of failure. Our company is designed to nurture fearlessness.  We are proud to admit that some of our biggest mistakes have been catalysts for some of our biggest successes.


Managing your work life balance is important to us at NS90. We offer flexible working hours to suit you.

Our Culture

NS90’s Culture Club organizes events, outings and team building to ensure that our company is fun, stimulating and relaxed. Our calendar is full with sports, events and gatherings during the year.
Staff at NS90 nominate two local charities to support each year and we organise office events to raise funds.